Official Subtitle Request

SF_Nasty5276 Uploader
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12 July 2014
Welcome to our newest request thread.

Lately there has been a spate of movies being released with no available subs and many older movies also do not have subs, it has been noticed and this our fix for this issue.

Thread Rules:

1) Subs cannot be available on KAT already.
2) No links to sub-sites, they will be removed immediately.
3) Subs must be created, not downloaded from other sites.
4) Members creating subs please post to that request accordingly so we don't have 20 peeps creating the same set of subs.
5) Anyone other that Translators or VUL's must have subs checked and scanned before posting by a Translator, VUL or SU connected to this thread.
Must include "checked by" in post
6) Please specify the language you need the subtitle in when you request your subtitle.

Other normal thread rules apply.

For those of you that want to try your hand at making Subs Try this Subtitle Creator

This is not a thread to download finished Subs from, this a working thread for unchecked subs and requests, Finished Subs will be posted Here

Be warned ... This thread will be closely monitored by SU's ,VUL's, Translators, Mods and Staff ..... So anyone found to be uploading infected files will be dealt with quickly and there will be no debating the fact


TheStarks5769 Verified uploader
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27 March 2014
Good luck SF_Nasty5276 !

v1rg1n1a1514 Translator
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31 August 2015
it's really a good idea! i can translate in italian if needed.
Doshtan1805 User
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29 April 2014
I'd love this, i couldn't find any subtitiles in english for Static Shock
delugze514 User
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01 August 2015

Would very much appreciate english subtitles to this series.
8 episodes
below is KAT link

anyone able to assist?
thank you

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s1raz12039 Uploader
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26 March 2013
If anyone would be able to provide english or spanish subs for this movie:
And... no for some reason the dvds are sold without subs.
vitoco99168 Uploader
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26 November 2013
Persona Non Grata 2015
english or spanish much apreciated
vitoco99168 Uploader
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26 November 2013
A Monster in Paris 2011
As Good as Dead 2010
Consenting Adults 1992
Midnight Special 2016
Purple Heart 2005
Purple Hearts 1984
That Cold Day In The Park 1969
hope you can provide with this subs or links to them tx much
Superbikemike3730 Uploader
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30 January 2015
only 1 and i believe it may be a problem this is why im asking

From Caligari to Hitler : english subtitles it seems there not anywhere ....

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Benomous15 User
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13 June 2016
May I request If anyone can make an English subtitle for this Thai Movies.

Cat A Wabb (2015)


2538 Alter Ma Jeeb (2015)


I really need this english subtitles. I've been looking for so long and I cant find any. Anyone that can make me this is very well appreciated. Thanks in advance :)