Official Instruments Request Thread

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10 February 2011
Welcome to the Official Instruments Request thread!

you can ask for anything related to instruments here:

Instrumental music
Tutorial videos
Music sheet books

please note the following rules:

1- No Links To any Hosting Sites (use the PM if you must and let members know you have filled it here in a comment saying PM'd).

2- It's OK to provide links to other torrent sites providing it's a torrent site that does not host it's own torrents or promotes a live/dead tracker/s with their site name (Both Torrent/Magnet)

3- you can always provide a Hash Code and send them to the ( is not a torrent site but a magnet creator).

4- Before posting in this thread please use the 'Search query' feature and if it's not available here at KAT.

***You MUST check out the source of the torrent to make sure torrent is legit. Doesn't have to verified but does have to be clean!!!***


keep it clean and please remember the aim from this thread is to help each other.

thank you elma96.58K for approving this.
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31 December 2012
Yeah at least someone created a thread related to instrumentals request lol i'm expert of music instrumentals & i'll help here to provide you what exactly you asked. smilesmile
The.Craftsman157.11K Super Moderator
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10 February 2011
Bump...your instrumental requests go here.
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14 June 2014
Does this cover people who are interested in vocal training videos or is there a separate thread for that?
HikaruGunner308 Uploader
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09 July 2014
Does anyone have Lick Library Learn to Play Judas Priest?
I prefer a xvid/mp4 version, but I can live with a untouched DVD.
soundinvst26 Uploader
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12 February 2015
I am looking for instructional videos David McLaughlin Mandolin, et al.
KeiraR2535 Uploader
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30 January 2015
I have an old divx in low res that i ripped off a video ages ago with lessons on the uilleann pipes, volume 3 (irish bagpipes) from Na piobaire uilleann (pron. Nah peebree illun) the Irish pipers association.
I know it's probably the biggest niche but, i have it, you want it? Let me know. smile
Edit: i know it's not a request but IF someone would ask for it in here i will probably miss it.
If it's not appropriate feel free to delete this post.

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04 March 2015
Taylor Swift 1989 Instrumental
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15 April 2015
hello,im looking for info about a marching band snare drum. ive had little success so far.imagei know its german army WW2 and manufactured by GUSTAV POSCHARDT of LEIPZIG 1944. the company made orchestral drums etc. Info of their war time manufacturing is scarce. i got the drum from a flea market in the uk, covered in dirt. As a drummer i knew it was unusual as the batter head was made of hide. Once dismantled ,cleaned and reassembled i discovered the manufactures stamp on the shell which is mild steel sheet metal,around that period i would have thought wood or brass would have been used. Any info would be appreciated. Finally i want to state i have no love for nazis .
Ackfoo1 User
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03 May 2015
Could someone please post contemporary Christian or Gospel sheet music? Preferably arranged for piano/voice with guitar chords, but anything will do.